Shrinking Fibroids Naturally


By this stage, you have perhaps read through the available options for women to get rid of fibroids (if not, you might like to check out the menu bar at the top of this page) and perhaps you are a little clearer on your possible choices.

It is absolutely vital that you are clear that whichever option you choose, whether that is shrinking fibroids naturally or having surgery. there are no "quick fixes".  Although surgery can sometimes seem like the quickest way to deal with fibroids, unless you undergo a hysterectomy it comes with no guarantee whatsoever that the fibroids will not regrow.

In addition, all surgical procedures come with risks, such as those associated with anesthetic and excessive bleeding. There are also other post-operative complications such as infections, pain and fertility issues, should you wish to become pregnant.

It is important to remember that the fibroids did not grow overnight and therefore if you decide to use natural methods to shrink your fibroids, you will not see immediate results. However, the good thing is that many of the symptoms caused by fibroids can be eliminated within days of beginning treatment.
In addition, many women who follow the Shrink Fibroids Plan find that they do see actual shrinkage within a few weeks.

Without being pessimistic, the longer you delay taking action-whatever that might be, the more your fibroids are growing and the longer it will take to treat them. By searching for information, you have perhaps already made the decision to take action. Put simply, you have three choices

  •  To leave the fibroids alone, in the hope they will shrink at the menopause
  •  To decide on an appropriate surgical treatment
  •  To learn how to shrink fibroids naturally

If you do decide to take action to shrink your fibroids naturally, there is one clear choice and that is the Plan devised by Amanda Leto. There is simply no other guide which comes close in terms of content and clear comprehensive, tried-and-tested advice. 

Amanda is a writer and health researcher, specializing in fibroids.  She has spent many years researching and writing her highly successful plan to reduce fibroids without surgery.  Frustrated by her own fibroid problem, she invested much time and energy in finding a natural solution.

The Good News About Fibroids

I know it is hard to look at fibroids in a positive light, but the one good thing about fibroids is that they are very rarely dangerous or life threatening. Now that's not to say that they don't cause unbearable symptoms, but what it does mean is that unlike other health problems, you are not putting your long-term health at risk by considering your options and deciding against surgery.

This means that you can  try out treatments which show you how to shrink fibroids naturally and then only consider surgery as a last resort.  Almost all women can have success in shrinking fibroids naturally but the limiting factor is often motivation. To be successful, you will need to make consistent lifestyle and dietary changes and before you begin, it is important that you understand that this is a commitment which you will need to follow through to see good results.

What do I Need To Do?

If you decide you would like to try to shrink fibroids naturally, it is vitally important that you firstly take your time to digest and understand all the information.

Try not to feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information you will receive. There is a lot, but it is essential that you have as full an understanding as possible as to the causes and how you can shrink fibroids without resorting to surgery. It is crucial that you follow all the recommended steps to get the best results. If you skip areas or "cheat", you will not be as successful as someone who follows the plan "to the letter".

The steps include eliminating environmental toxins, detoxification, dietary adjustments, supplements, herbal remedies, exercise and accupressure/massage.

Will It Work For Me?

The plan is completely guaranteed to work if followed correctly. If for any reason at all you are not satisfied, you have a full 60 days to obtain a no-questions-asked refund.